Unusual Horse Colors

By Sarah Banks


There are some very unique horse colors out there that you probably have not even heard of, and many that you probably have. Here are some of the most interesting.

1. Perlino

Perlino horses have a coat that looks creamy, giving a beautiful white color.


(Photo Credit- honesttopaws.com)

2. Silver Dapple Pinto

Not many horses have this color, but the ones that do are definitely a sight to see! They have the dappled grey look with grey or silver manes, and splashes of white on their bodies.

silver dapple.jpg

(Photo Credit- honesttopaws.com)

3. Silver Buckskin

This color is related to the gene that produces the silver dapple, making for a stunning horse.

silver buckskin

(Photo Credit- honesttopaws.com)

4. Gray Brindle

The color brindle is often used for dog colors, and even cattle and guinea pigs, but occasionally horses will be born with this gene. Another name often used is tiger striping.

gray brindle

(Photo Credit- honesttopaws.com)

5. Overo

This color is characterized by a white band over the horses eyes on their head, which is very rare to find in horses.


(Photo Credit- honesttopaws.com)

6. Leopard Horse with Brown Spots

These beautiful horses are not often seen.


(Photo Credit- buzzsharer.com)

7. Buckskin

These horses are more often seen than most on this list, but they are still not common with their beautiful tan coat and black mane and tail.


(Photo Credit- buzzsharer.com)

8. Cremello Akhal-Teke

Many of us have probably seen this type of horse featured in magazines and on Facebook due to its very unique coloring, with very few horses like this in the world.


(Photo Credit- buzzsharer.com)

9. Liver Chestnut Roan

Another beautiful, rare horse, this reddish coat is not seen very often.

liver chestnut

(Photo Credit- buzzsharer.com)

10. Gold Champagne

This beautiful horse has skin the color of chestnut, which appears gold in certain horses that have the gene for champagne color.

gold champagne

(Photo Credit- honesttopaws.com)

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