Summer Horse Camp Ideas

By Karine Burt

It’s that time of year again so kiddo’s get out those boots

Children who attend Summer Horse Camps can expect 2-6 hours of barn time each day, depending on which stable you decide to sign up at, as well as the opportunity to ride in some local shows. They will also have the chance to choose from and enjoy many of the different activities at these camps.

Horsemanship Camp

When attending certain camps, you will have the ability to enjoy all the activities they have to offer, but will also have hours of barn time DAILY! Barn time will be split between arena lessons, trail rides, and fun educational ground classes. BUT WAIT! You also have Adventure Options, such as Paintball, the Breakfast Trail Ride, or the Overnighters! Join in all the Summer Horse Camps have to offer for a full week of summer fun while you learn to ride and learn all about horses.

Trail Blazers

Come and enjoy the tons beautiful trails. With many hours of trail riding, arena instruction, ground classes, and a unique Lunch Trail Ride, you can’t go wrong with this kind of camp! What is a Lunch Trail Ride? On one of the days during your week, we will pack a lunch, hit the trail for a while, and then eat out on the trail. Trail Blazers provide various levels of difficulty, you may even help blaze some new ones ! Join in and be part of an amazing creation during this fun, adventure-filled week!

Frontier Riders

Fire building, campfire cooking, knot tying, and riding some of our more difficult trails are just a few of the things you will experience as a Frontier Rider! You will pack your bags, pack up your horse, and camp out at our Fort Wilderness for a night or two during this adventurous horse camp. The week will be full of riding, camping, the frontier. You won’t want to miss this Camp!

trail ride camp.jpg

Horse Mania

Are you CRAZY about horses? Perfect! This camp is specially-designed for Ranchers who are “horse-crazy!” Come and enjoy all of the activities offered with horses: vaulting on horses, driving horses, trail rides on horses, and arena lessons with horses! Have you had enough horses yet? NO? Don’t worry, there are more horses! You will divide your time between those horse activities, plus have a daily ground class, where we will teach you as much as we can about horses!

Western Riders

Register early because this camp fills fast! Whether you are just learning to ride or you are a serious competitor, this camp will be fun and challenging! We will focus on helping children improve and fine-tune their riding skills in the arena, and take them out for a fun trail ride. Some of the things that are covered in classes are western pleasure, western riding and/or horsemanship patterns, Drill Team maneuvers, showmanship, gymkhana, and games on horses. Recreational or competitive riders, join in this fun-filled week as you enjoy the gift of riding!

horseback riding camp

Vaulting Camp

This camp will give you the unique opportunity to do gymnastics on horseback! Vaulting will help develop your balance, flexibility, and confidence on a horse as you learn the specific moves (known as curs) that could then be performed in a local closing rodeo in a creative routine set to music. In addition to all of that, you will get to participate in fun ground classes, pony cart driving where you can earn a driver’s permit or license, and a trail ride.

English Camp

Whether you ride recreationally or show competitively, this camp has something for everyone! If you are new to English riding or have been riding for years, come join for this great week full of quality arena instruction, as well as informative and interactive ground classes. The lessons will include the fundamental basics of the rider’s position and how it affects the horse, as well as the opportunity to better your balance and control through a course of jumps.

english camp.jpg

Advanced English Camp

This camp is specifically designed for those who ride in a lesson program at home, enjoy competing at horse shows, and are up for a challenging week of advanced English riding. The exercises during each lesson are designed to help fine-tune your position and communication with your horse, as well as improve your timing and athleticism over jumps. With basic Dressage work incorporated into the flat warm-up and advanced jumping grids, you will take home tools that will not only help you with your horse for the week, but build you as a rider. The goal is that you will have fun and be challenged, not just in riding, but in building character and what it means to glorify The Sport.

Horse Handlers

What do they mean when they say, “That horse is green”? If you have ever wondered that or have an interest in training horses, this is an incredible week of camp. They will teach you some of the training techniques used to get a horse broke to have good ground manners, as well as making them easier to ride. They will have guest instructors during the week to share with you their love for horse training.

– Indicates the Recommended Lowest Level of Riding Experience:

First Time Rider – walk, maybe some trot

Beginner Rider – walk and trot with control

Intermediate – walk and trot with confidence, learning to canter

Intermediate / Advanced – walk, trot, and canter

Advanced – walk, trot, and canter with confidence on any horse (competitor)

Farm & Garden

From Goats to Chickens, fresh eggs, vegetables & flowers.

Ever wondered what it would be like to take care of bunnies, goats, birds and chickens?

It’s a growing trend now for Summer Horse camps to also show kids how to grow their own flowers and vegetables. Some even have cooking class, teaching children how to cook what they grow.

farm camp.jpg

They might get the chance to collect fresh eggs, learn the quirks of the chickens, and play with adorable bunnies. From growing tomatoes and peppers to cantaloupe and more, this camp is great for garden lovers. Gardens are overflowing with wonderful things to plant and eat. Grab your gardening gloves and sign up ! You will be able to play in the dirt.

Go to Find my Horses for a listing of wonderful Horse Camps in your local area.


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