Meet DaNel Hicks of Find My Horses


My name is DaNel Hicks and I’ve been around horses all my life.  My grandfather raised Tennessee Walking Horses.  He passed when I was an infant but my grandmother boarded out the property and I was always around horses.  I got the horse fever really young.
As a child, I took riding lessons in many disciplines and became a skilled rider.  I didn’t own a horse of my own until I was 12 and she turned out to be lame and had been drugged when we went to test ride her.  She had been bred and of course, the “green” horse people that we were was raising a foal.  That foal taught me so much.  My grandfather’s business partner helped me train her and I learned so much from the two of them.

I went to Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) and got a B.S. Degree in Animal Science with an emphasis on Horses with a minor in Business Administration.  I did work in the “corporate” world for a while before finally opening a boarding facility of my own.  After a few years I had to stop giving riding lessons due to my lesson horses needing to be retired and by then every time a horse moved away my husband would buy me a new horse to take up a boarding spot.  I currently own 4 full-size horses and 37 miniature horses.

I currently raise, train, and show miniature horses.  This year I plan to show in the American Miniature Horse Registry and go all the way to Nationals the fall of 2018.
I also own the website Find My Horses.  It is designed to help horse owners to find horse businesses near them across the United States.

I created the website because I used to board horses and I used to have summer horse camps and give riding lessons to kids and adults.  After I stopped those services due to life reasons I still got calls asking for those services.   In addition, my husband and I kept seeing people asking in different Facebook Groups where to buy hay, or where a great vet was, or where they could find a farrier. So, I created the website Find My Horses for people to find what they need near them.
Find My Horses is about to celebrate our second year anniversary and we are still growing strong.  Our business listings are growing and we are even helping people sell horses now that Facebook is preventing animal sales.  Our goal is to become a household name and the first place people go to search for services near them.
If you own a horse related business please list your services with us.  If you are a horse owner then stop by often to find the things that you need for your horses.


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