Help your horse shed its winter coat

By Karine Burt

As spring draws near, horses will begin to shed their thick winter coats; consider these suggestions to speed up the process or to just help your horse along.

In order to help your horse shed its thick winter hair, it is first important to understand what makes its hair grow. Although hair growth generally coincides with colder temperatures, it is primarily the amount of daylight hours that affects a horse’s hair growth, or lack thereof. As the daylight hours slowly start to decrease in autumn, you may notice your horse starting to grow a soft fuzzy coat over their short, slick summer coat.

Likewise, as the daylight hours and temperatures begin to increase in the springtime, you’ll notice that the thick, long winter hair starts to shed. The horse’s pituitary gland recognizes this change in daylight hours, and produces hormones that cause a horse to shed its winter coat.
If you’re looking to speed up the shedding process, the addition of light and vigorous grooming can help.

First, by adding artificial light to a horse’s environment (likely their stall), you can fool the horse’s body into thinking it’s closer to springtime than it actually is. This can cause the horse to shed its hair coat earlier that it naturally would. It is important to remember that the environmental temperatures may require extra blanketing or protection to keep your horse comfortable with their new hair coat.

Secondly, vigorous grooming can help get your horse’s coat ready for show season. In order to make a distinct impact on your horse’s coat, you’ll have to do more than the occasional light brushing. It’s currying and elbow grease that will be needed to get this job done!

Curry Combs is a useful in removing dirt, old hair and debris from your horse. To be most effective it should be used in a circular motion. You’ll want to be careful when using this brush on or under areas of the face and below the knees and hocks, as these areas have little muscle, and are sensitive areas.

To speed up the process we suggest use a Grooming tool called The Groomi.

The Groomi Tool is the only shedding tool you might ever need. It is designed to remove dead unwanted hair from your pets coat without fuss and with ease It is an all year round tool removing scurf, mud and other nasties.

Made from quality polypropylene material with an added grip for comfort. Making it wipe clean and Light in your hand.
Removable comb to allow for replacements and for added peace of mind when there are little hands around the yard!
The comb itself is made from stainless steel to add longevity to the comb also ensuring it will not rust when left outside or in damp conditions.
The combs are also used to remove the quick release screw so there is no need for extra tools when changing over the combs!
The Groomi Tool gently but effectively removes dead hair, dirt and scurf from the animals coat. Promoting a healthy coat and reducing itching!
Replacement combs are available to buy separately and can only be found on the Groomi. The unique tooth pattern has been tried and tested to ensure the best result and will not be beaten on performance!

To order your own Groomi visit: or request one in your next Horse Shoe Box.

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