Fun Jumper Exercises

By Sarah Banks

There are many great jumping exercises that you can do to work on your horses balance and performance. Here are a few great ones below.

​Improve Your Turning and Balance


This exercise is great for working on the accuracy at which your horse takes jumps as it’s designed for you to come in at an angle. This is great to work on to prepare for speed classes, and to work on correct leads. It’s a great exercise to work on half-halts and balancing on circles.

​​Consistency and Balance


This is a great, simple exercise you can do to work on keeping a consistent rhythm and to work on distance and striding to jumps.

Impulsion and Consistency


This exercise is great to work on balance, consistency of gaits, keeping your horses impulsion up over a series of jumps, and leads.

Great Course for Young Horses


Found from TheRidersReins, this is an awesome exercise to work on sharp turns with lots of jumps close together, which helps keep your horse listening and responsive to you.


These are some fun jumping exercises you can work on with your horse to change things up a bit and keep it interesting for your horse. For more ideas, check out The Horse Shoe Box Pinterest account.

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