Basic Horse Grooming

By Karine Burt

Grooming is an activity that is enjoyable for both you and your horse. Try to make grooming a daily habit. It can be one of the most satisfying parts of horse ownership. This daily routine is not only a bonding time for you and your horse but also a good opportunity to check them over for any minor injuries, cuts, scrapes or bug bites.

This is hygienic care to a horse, and it’s process by which the horse’s physical appearance is enhanced for horse shows or other types of competition.

1. First using a “Curry comb” or “Curry Brush” is usually used in a circular motion to work out loose embedded material. This step is where you remove any mud, grit, dust and other debris before trying to put a real shine on your horse’s coat. Use the Curry in circular sweeps all over the horse’s body. Be careful over bony areas of the shoulders, hips, and legs. Use a light touch in these areas. Many horses are sensitive about having their bellies and between the back legs brushed.

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2. The classic Body Horse Brush is usually the 2nd tool used in daily grooming. After the Horse is rubbed or curried which helped in loosening the dirt, hair, and other debris, plus it stimulated the skin to produce natural oils.

Brushing the whole of the body in the direction of the hair growth encourages healthy blood circulation and helps to release all those natural oils into the coat that help protect them from the natural elements such as wind and rain.

3. A “finishing Cloth” or fine soft finishing brush will help bring out the shine on the horses coat. The Cloth is also used on the horse or pony’s face or using soft face brush just for that. Gently whisk away dust from the broader areas on your horse’s face, ears and throat, using sweeping strokes with the Finishing Cloth which is perfect for finishing the body for an amazing shiny coat.

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4. Combing out tangles leaving a flowing, shiny Mane and Tail is a joy to behold. Getting that full, healthy look by being gentle and patient as you groom your horse.  Either with a mane comb or brush, start at the bottom of the strands and brush downwards in sections until you can smoothly comb from the top of the mane or tail, right to the bottom. When brushing the tail, stand to one side and pull the tail gently over to you.

This way you are out of the way should the horse kick. A grooming spray or oil that detangles hair is nice to have and makes brushing out the long strands easier while cleaning, shining and protecting the hair.  Some people like to keep their horse’s tails wrapped to keep it clean and tangle free, some prefer to let my horse use its tail the way nature intended, to swat away flies.

5. Cleaning out your horse’s hooves is very important. Slide your hand down the left foreleg. Squeeze the back of the leg along the tendons just above the pastern and say ‘up’ or ‘hoof’—whatever your horse is trained to respond to. Hold the hoof and with the hoof pick pry out any dirt, manure or anything else lodged in the frog or sole of the foot. Check for any injury and signs of thrush or other problems. Take note of any cracks in the wall of the hoof so you can condition them using Hoof Oil.

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hoof pick.JPG

There you have it, a Spanking Clean and Shiny Groomed Happy Horse !

Thank You Epona !!

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