9 Rare Horse Breeds

By Sarah Banks


Everyone has heard of the most common horse breeds, such as Arabians, Thoroughbreds, and Quarter Horses, but what about some of the less common breeds, like the Boulonnais?

1. Boulonnais

This draft breed is very elegant and known for their beautiful white coat. Originally from France, this breed has dwindled down since the World Wars, and today breeding programs are in place to preserve them.


(Photo Credit: buzzsharer.com)

2. Warlander

This breed is the result of Fresians and Iberian purebreds being put together. These beautiful horses are well-balanced and strong, making them great horses for upper level riding.


(Photo Credit: http://warlanderstudbooksociety.com.au/directory)

3. Black Forest Horse

This breed originated in South Germany, and came close to being extinct back in the 1970’s. Today, there are around 1,000 of these horses in Germany. They are notable for their beautiful manes and great temperaments.

black forest

(Photo Credit: horsesmad.com)

4. Falabella Miniature Horse

These cute ponies are one of the smallest breeds in the world. They are very smart and learn quickly. Small children can ride them and many show them at in-hand horse shows.


(Photo Credit: horsesmad.com)

5. Caspian

Caspians are popular in Iran, and date back to 3,000 B.C. according to artwork of them. Many believed this breed to be extinct until an aristocrat went out and found the breed by the Caspian Sea. They are smaller horses, no taller than 12.2 hands, and are very similar to Arabians. There is currently a Caspian stud farm run by the government to keep the breed alive, which exports many of these horses to the UK.


(Photo Credit: Cowgirl Magazine)

6. Marwari Horse

This unique horse breed from India is most known for its ears that face inwards. It’s a very hardy horse, and has been used for riding, packing, and light work in agriculture.


(Photo Credit: PetPonder)

7. Sorraia Mustang

These mustangs are of Spanish origin, dating back to the conquistadors. They are genetically related to mustangs, and evidence shows that American Mustangs may come from these mustangs that were shipped to the New World.


(Photo Credit: Frank Staub)

8. The Knabstrupper

This beautiful spotted horse came from Denmark from as early as 1671. They used to be referred to as “The Tiger Horses.” They are similar in markings to appaloosas, but much more saturated.


(Photo Credit: sunnyskyz.com)

9. Fresian/ Appaloosa Crossbreed

This amazing horse is famous and has photographs all over the internet. Mystic Warrior is his name, and he was at the World Equestrian Games. He is 3/4 Friesian and 1/4 Appaloosa.


(Photo Credit: sunnyskyz.com)

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