Tiny Barns



With some savvy Carpenter do-it-yourself abilities, you can design and build adorable and affordable stable complexes, all the way from conception to completion.

Each one is designed in response to climate, budget and personal taste using a range of building materials, including timber, stone and steel. These unique barns and shelters can vary in size from a small building to a larger barn to house one, two or three horses or any other animal.

Harsh summer sun. Cool winter winds and rain. The variability of climates mean that our animals need year-round protection from the elements. But while the modern horse shelter needs to provide maximum shade, ventilation and drainage, it also needs to look good and fit the budget.

Whether you have a half dozen polo ponies or a handful of show ponies, you can design and build stallion yards, horse stables, pony paddocks, or the popular walk-in-and-out shelters. There is a solution for all and there is one that should suit your property – and your budget.

Take some inspiration from the classic American and European timber-framed buildings, with a focus on durability, aesthetic beauty, recycled materials and individual customization.

*These precious Barns and Shelters, their blueprints and information can be found on Pinterest and DIY forums.

Now, take a look at these adorable beauties and see which one is your favorite.

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