Top 10 Tips for Healthy Manes and Tails

Healthy Manes and Tails

Everyone wants their horse to have a healthy, shiny mane and tail, but this does take some work. Maintaining a great looking mane and tail can be challenging but is doable over time.



Here are some tips you can follow to help your horse achieve having a great mane and tail.

1. Don’t Brush

Don’t brush your horse’s mane or tail at all unless they have been conditioned thoroughly and the brush won’t get snapped in tangles, which pulls out hair. Also, limit how much you brush their mane and tail, so it has more time to grow.

2. Use Fingers and Oil

It’s good to go through with your fingers gently to get anything such as shavings out of the hair, and to gently untangle any spots, which can be done daily. There are many great products on the market that you can use to help detangle, including Three Doors Beauty’s Argan Oil. This will really condition the hair, make it shinier, and help keep it tangle free, allowing the hair to grow longer.

3. Use Horse Brush

When you do use a brush, don’t use brushes meant for humans, and instead only use ones designed for horses. These have wider teeth which don’t break the hair as easily.

4. Shampoo

Shampoo the mane and tail no more than once per week. Figuring out which product to use depends on your horse’s hair at the time and what it needs.

5. Braiding

Braiding your horse’s mane and tail can help it to grow nice and long without having to worry about tangles. Some horses are bad about messing up their braids quickly, but if not, then you can braid and leave it in for a few days before redoing it.

6. Nutrition

Make sure your horse is getting proper nutrition in their food, as they will not have a good mane and tail, or coat, if they do not have a good diet.

7. Dandy Brush Tail

With a dandy brush, brush your horse’s dock of his tail daily to help stimulate tail growth. This increases blood flow and stimulates hair growth, along with making sure that area is clean so your horse will not be tempted to rub his dock up against something, which can rub off hair.

8. Tail Rub

Watch out for your horse rubbing his tail up against something. If he is, try and figure out why and treat the problem.  Keeping your horse’s tail conditioned and clean will help with this, which Argan Oil can help with.

9. Tail Wrap

You can use a tail wrap in your horse’s tail, but make sure it is not around the top to where it cuts off the horse’s circulation. A wrap is great if your horse’s tail touches the ground and you don’t want to trim it, so this way they don’t step on it. Watch out for any potential hazards when turning your horse out while wearing a tail bag, because if it gets caught in anything like a fence, it may do more damage to the tail than without anything on the tail.

10. Tail Knot

You can knot the tail to keep it up off the ground. These are easy to do and also help prevent tangles.



Having a healthy, full and shiny mane and tail takes some work on your part. Cut back on brushing, and instead focus on keeping it well conditioned and tangle-free, which you can do with your fingers. Braiding is a great way to keep it tangle-free, and if the tail is really long, you can either braid, use a tail bag, or tie it up in a knot, among other things.

Make sure to check out Horse Shoe Box’s sponsor Three Doors Beauty’s Argan Oil to help you with your horse’s conditioning needs!


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