Why do Girls/ Women Love horses so much ?


There is just no denying that lots of girls develop a lifelong horse crazy- obsession. We are giving you the obvious and not-so-obvious

7 reasons for women’s horse obsession.

1. Horseback riding makes you feel at one with nature while working with a majestic animal.

2. They are beautiful animals. From their flowing manes and big innocent eyes to their elegant strides, horses are beautiful to look at.

3. Horses have an air of adventure. Horseback riding is the ultimate escapism. Horses also fuel the imagination.

4. Women tend to be better at picking up nonverbal cues than men, making them more likely to work well with horses.

5. Girls are attracted to the role of caring nurturer, which horses require. Many women consider their interaction with their horse a profound relationship. In turn a horse can act as a protector.

6. Horseback riding is romantic. We all grew up with the fantasy of the prince on a white horse sweeping us away from our mediocre existences.

7. Horses are powerful and being able to control a horse makes women feel powerful and more in control of their life. Horses appeal to women’s desire for dominance.

From time to time, we all want to run the show and, when seated on a horse under our control, we get to feel like the powerhouses we really are!



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