The Equestrian Life

Pastures and lush green fields

beautiful horses grazing , galloping,

kicking up their heels

Echoes of whinnying and

greeting neighs,

scents of fresh grass

and sweet cut Hay

Feeling the magical energy

of your special place

You’ll soon leave the world behind

as you begin your equine escape

Grab a halter, a lead rope

go catch that special friend

they have a lot to teach you

It will be the best time

you will ever spend

After you finish grooming,

saddle up and start riding,

while cantering in the Arena

you’ll feel like your flying

You both felt the connection

Mind, Body and Soul

together you will reach your

Equestrian Goals

When you finish your lesson

thank them for the ride

whisper good job in their ear as

You pat their neck side

It’s ok to tell the horses all your secrets, dreams and fears,

they don’t even mind if

you shed some tears

You will never be the same

once you’re in their mist

You’ll be back for more riding

We know you can’t resist

They will always welcome you

if you come with treats

they need your love and attention

and they like to eat eat eat….

We will see you very soon

we see it time and time again

You can’t stay away long from

all your Equestrian Friends.

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