Kim the Animal Communicator : Indigo’s Story


My Story starts out like this:

Hi Kim, this is K., Greg’s D’s friend who told me all about you! Are you really an animal communicator??

You can really communicate with all my animals ? How cool is that!! Before she could even say a word, I was fascinated and knew I wanted to do this !!

After our initial introduction and her explaining how she communicates with all types of animals, she began educating me all about what she does and how she goes about using her special gift. You would love Kim and her sweet personality, she is such a sweetheart.


She proceeded to instruct me to send her a few good pictures of my chosen animal I wanted her to communicate with, along with three main questions that I wanted to ask. She then set a round about day and time with me (she is booked out for a few weeks), however she has allotted times for emergency calls, such as for sick or lost animals. She mentioned that sometimes it does take a few days for her to communicate with the animals. It’s all up to them if they want to talk or not. There are times when she needs a few days in order to do so. That’s why it’s a round about time and she cannot set a definite day or time. She then sent me PayPal with a nominal fee, I paid it, and it was that simple. I was set.

I choose my sweet Paint Horse, Indigo. You could imagine I waited with anticipation for her to communicate with him and then give me a call back to share with me everything I wanted to know.

I chose my horse because out of the five animals that I have,  he was my newest. I only had him for a little over a year.  He didn’t have papers and I didn’t know too much about where he came from. All I knew is he came from a nice household of 3 young girls and was a show horse. His age was also in question. From day one I saw an old gentle Soul with a calming spirit and he was so well-mannered. I actually thought he was drugged when I first met him, because I never had such a well-behaved, calm horse. Since then, I’ve learned, and I am still learning, so much from him. He has became my greatest Teacher. I was going through a very hard time in my life last year and he got me through it and still is. The bond I have with him is like no other I’ve ever had before with a Horse, let alone any Animal.  I’ve owned way too many horses in my time, each one I loved and cared for, but never quite had a special bond with, until he came along. He isn’t the prettiest horse or the horse I would have picked out, he even has one Blue eye. He is the Best for me and our communication is undeniable. I wouldn’t trade him for anything !!

My 3 questions where

1. How old is he really ?

2. Is he happy or hurting (body wise anywhere )?

3. Is there anything he needs for me to know ?

Then I got the Call.. the call I had waited for ….

At first , I am not going to lie, I couldn’t keep from being skeptical. I began listening to Kim intently as she was telling me what Indigo had communicated with her. All the while thinking to myself as I was listening to her, huh, ok, of course he likes treats, huh, of course he’s wants more of them, of course he wants more freshwater and more pasture time, but then, Bam, spot on! She started telling me things that no one could ever really know.. personal things, heartfelt things. My heart was going to burst open and then the tears began to flow and it became real… my mind racing now as she was telling me these things.. wow ..

She really did communicate with him !! I became a believer !

Kim said,  the one thing that nobody could possibly have known and then I knew right then and there that she did make a connection with him!!

He answered ALL of my questions:

First , He told her he was 16 and mind you. I never told her how old he was … (I thought he was 14, I was told)

Second, he said he was feeling toxic, and yes I was feeding him a supplement that I was told he didn’t need. Two weeks prior to the reading, he became lethargic so I had stopped that supplement and he thanked her that I did. So that was my confirmation.

One thing that stuck out was she mentioned that he likes blue sparkles and peppermint but she said,  not the peppermint candy, the peppermint smell. She asked me if I used essential oils . I said oh my gosh,  wow, I can’t believe he mentioned that to her, because I actually make peppermint soap with sparkles in it and whenever I go outside to pet him afterwards, he just loves to smell my hands and makes that funny horse smile face !!!

And Third : He also mentioned to her that he is worried about me and my stress levels and that he is my “Calm”!

I lost it right there! Anyone that knows me knows that I tell people that word all the time! So does he hear my conversations?? I think so!

Needless to say, I was left with my questions answered and my heart full from Kim’s amazing reading. The next day I just hugged Indigo real tight and it was like he just knew that I knew that we just reached the highest level of bonding..

I will be forever grateful to Kim for her gift she shared with me and she shares with the animal world.

So for all you skeptics and nonbelievers out there, please call Kim and give yourself and your Pets this beautiful experience and gift! I’m sure your horse or other Pets you have,  may have somethings important that they would like to share with you. If anything they might want to tell you they’re so Happy and that they simply just Love You.


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