How to Bathe a Horse in Cold Weather

By Amber Croyle

Is your horse just a dirty horse in general? Have you ever given your horse a bath and then they rolled RIGHT after? I know my horses do.

In the past few months this winter, it has been super difficult to give them baths to get all of the nasty off in this cold weather! Every time I bring them in from the pasture they are covered in mud and so dirty! Neither of them are clipped, so it is such a pain to brush their nasty legs off and it takes forever!


Now I may be exaggerating a bit.. but we all know the struggle. Here is what I do to keep them as clean as possible, and without giving them a full bath, since it’s too cold.

You will need a bucket, a sponge, and the warmest water you can find! Just make sure it’s not ice cold. If they are “dry” dirty, I’ll curry as much as I can off, then start this. If they are “wet” dirty, I’ll skip the curry since it doesn’t do anything.

Take you sponge and dip it into your bucket of warm water, then wipe and scrub one area at a time. If you are doing mostly the body, have a cooler on hand to put on right after you sweat-scrape them. You can also towel dry a little bit if they have a crazy winter coat. After you get them all clean be sure to leave the cooler on until they are dry.and then turn them out.

Don’t forget the treats!


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