Ever Hear that Horses Heal?

By Teresa Wolf

Ever hear that horses can heal?  Let me share with you a story.

I am an equine retreat coach who offers life coaching on horseback.  My work includes using my horses as part of my team.  The horses are the magic when it comes to my work!  Read on…

I had a small group retreat with 4 women.  After doing some work inside the barn, I asked them to come with me to the field to see which horse presented himself to us to do the “work.”  My very own horse, Zak, a beautiful Arabian, asked to participate that day by walking up to us.  Immediately, he started to work.


  In this first picture, the participant merely leaned against the horse, allowing them to “connect.”  As you can see, Zak had no halter on him and stood willingly.


  In this second picture, Zak is turning around to see what this human is doing, but still stands still.


  In this picture, Zak is putting his head down to take on the energy from the human who is connected to him.


    Here, he is comforting her.


Now is when the magic begins.  Zak is “leeching” out the energy he took on from the person.  What looks like a yawn to you and me is actually him expelling out the energy he took on from the person.

You see, horses don’t hold onto human’s energy, they get rid of it and move on to whatever horses do.


When Zak felt complete, he merely walked away and started grazing as if nothing happened.  But if you would ask the person, she will tell you there was a weight lifted from her shoulders and she felt much lighter from the experience.

I have seen many other experiences like this occur.  Horses are merely doing what is instinctual to them.  If you would like to know more, feel free to contact me using my information below.


Teresa Wolf, Master Certified Retreat Coach

Soul Discovery on Horseback




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