‘I Can’t Wait’

It may be that time of day when you give them their favorite treat and they’re eager to take a bit of that carrot that’s sticking out of your pocket. He is letting you know he is excited and waiting for it by pawing the ground. Also, this might be the blatant sign of boredom.

‘I’m Thirsty’

The poor thing is probably just thirsty. It might be his water bucket or trough is empty or, if it’s Iced over , he might be pawing the ground to crack the ice, so stay alert.

‘Acting like a Curious Cat’

Pawing the ground can indicate something as simple as curiosity. If your horse is in new surroundings, he might paw at the ground as a way of exploring all of the newness of his environment.

‘I Don’t Feel Well’

On occasion pawing is a sign that your horse isn’t feeling well. Sometimes it’s a symptom of Colic. If your horse keeps pawing the ground and displays other signs of intestinal ailment, he might need immediate veterinary attention. Other symptoms to look out for include rolling over, appetite loss,  belly kicking, depression , frequent rolling over and difficulties in passing stools. Horses with colic also frequently gaze down at their stomach regions and try to nip at it.

‘I’m Feeling Scared’

Perhaps the horse is upset or uneasy about the sudden presence of a horse that he’s unfamiliar with, new surrounds and he’s expressing that through body language. Horses frequently will paw the ground when they’re feeling nervous.


‘I’m Bored and Frustrated’

A horse’s pawing at the ground can be a sign of boredom and frustration. He might be feeling restless and is pawing to tell you he wants to get a move on, like now !!

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