20 Things to Do With Your Horse

There are so many different things you can do with your horse, both on and off. Here is a list of 20 things that you may not have thought of, which can be useful if you and your horse need a change in your routine.


1. Go for a jog or a walk with your horse

You don’t have to ride your horse everywhere. Jogging with your horse can improve your fitness while helping get your horse more experience in other situations, or, if they are already pretty experienced, it will give them something different to do while spending time with you.

2. Do a picnic with your horse

Bring something for both you and your horse to eat and go out to a field together. After they eat their food/ treats that you bring, they can munch on grass or relax while you relax yourself and enjoy the day in each others company.

3. Teach your horse to ground tie

This can be really useful, especially if you do a lot of trail riding and have to take a bathroom break.


4. Teach your horse to stand on something

Just make sure that it is sturdy enough for a horse and will hold their weight.

5. Set up and go through an obstacle course

You can do this on the ground or while riding, or even better, both riding and on the ground. This will help you and your horse learn how to work together better.

6. Joust with pool noodles

This can be a lot of fun with the right people, and will help you train your horse to be more desensitized.

7. Braid your horses mane and tail

Try out a new braid, or practice your favorite one.

8. Ride and pony another horse or pony while riding

This is good training and can be a lot of fun. You never know when you will have to do this for some other reason besides for fun.

9. Dress your horse up and enter a contest during the holidays  


10. Count your horses teeth and identify each tooth. 

Learn something about your horses mouth and teeth.

11. Ride in the dark

12. Ride a bike while leading your horse

13. Ride without reins

Tie your reins into a knot so that you can easily grab them if you need to. If your horse is well-trained and you have enough trust, try riding without a bridle at all.

14. Ride bareback for a week

15. Unbridle your horse while you are riding them

16. Play polo- either join a club or make up your own with some friends

17. Sword fight on horses 

You can get these kinds of swords at most costume stores.

18. Paint your horse

Paint designs, an image, or anything else you want. Just make sure to use washable paint that is safe to use on horses skin. You could also clip a shape on your horse, such as a heart on their haunches.

19. Gallop while stretching your arms out

Only do this on a horse that you trust, and make sure that your reins are tied so that you can grab them if they start to fall forward or you need them.


20. Teach your horse to load themselves on the trailer with no lead rope

There are many more activities you can do, so look out for another article with more ideas!



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